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Cippenham, Slough

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Week beginning - 14th May
Morning Prayer is prayed before every weekday Mass and the Rosary is prayed after Mass: all are welcome to join us
Sunday 9.45am Our Lady of Peace In thanksgiving (Ashley), Bob and Theresa Galsworthy RIP (Rowe)**
  11.30am St. Andrew's In thanksgiving (Ashley), Graham Loudon Family Intentions (P and C), People of the Parish
Monday 9.30am Our Lady of Peace Lenoy Tharakan thanksgiving, Dearing (Foundation)
  7pm Our Lady of Peace Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Tuesday 9.30am Our Lady of Peace Deceased Boundy Family (Boundy), Green  (Foundation)
  11.15am St Gilbert’s Requiem Mass Máire Cooper RIP
Wednesday 9.30am Our Lady of Peace Service of Word and Holy Communion
Thursday 8.30am St Andrew’s Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  9.30am St Andrew’s Ellen Ryan and Sisters RIP (Whelan), Special intention (Sepala)
Friday 7.30pm St Gilbert’s Kay and Vince Gatt Intentions (Shiels), Howell Roberts RIP (O’Donnell) Birthday remembrance
Saturday 5.15pm-5.45pm Our Lady of Peace Confessions
  6pm Our Lady of Peace Frank Stewart RIP (CWL and Turmer), Padraic Gorham RIP (Hogg Family)
Sunday 9.45am Our Lady of Peace Anne Maasch RIP (Denise) (Birthday remembrance), Demetri Macri RIP (Macri Family)**
  11.30am St. Andrew's Special intention (Sepala), In thanksgiving Zeena (Zeena), People of the Parish
      ** Coffee and Tea available after Mass

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