St. Andrew's Shared Church

Cippenham, Slough

Community Events

Event and contact details



Art Group Wednesday 10am
Brownies Wednesday 6pm - 7.30pm
Contact Group - For estranged parents & children to meet 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month 1pm - 3pm
See article below    
Keep Fit Monday 9.30am - 10.30am
Keep Fit Monday 8pm - 9pm
Koran Class Monday - Thursday After school
Poppets - Mother and Toddler: 0 - 3 years Tuesday (in term time) 9.15am - 11.15am
Poppets - Mother and Toddler: 0 - 3 years Friday (in term time) 9.15am - 11.15am
Open Door Coffee Shop Saturday 10am - 12pm
Loaves and Fishes Luncheon Group Sunday Lunches Sunday (monthly) Lunch Time
Rainbows Tuesday 5.30pm - 6.30pm
St. John Ambulance (Two groups) Thursday 6.30pm - 9pm
Carroll on 01628 660230,  or go to    


Caring for people and families

  Listening to others and trying to help in bringing healing and comfort to those in need, is part of our ministry to everyone in our community, not just to church members.   We do it willingly as a way of following the example of Jesus who listened to people and helped them to know a more fulfilling life.

  At St.Andrew's we have people trained as 'active listeners' who are prepared to listen to those who wish to share with them a problem, anxious situation or a family concern.   All conversations are confidential.   Our listeners are not qualified counsellors, but can often give information and advice on where help may be found.

  We have signed a church Charter to commit ourselves to listening to those who have experienced domestic abuse.

If someone is hurting you we will listen to you and take you seriously.

  Often after a funeral many people feel lost. Once the family and friends have returned to their everyday routines, you may feel that you need to talk to someone.   Our listeners can help you to express your feelings and assist you to grieve positively, offering a friendly ear for your memories and concerns.   At each funeral the minister will give the mourners a card with a number to ring if you want to arrange a visit.

  We have a quiet room in a corner of the church where conversations can take place in privacy, and where there are resources and leaflets to aid in finding the help needed.   Our Coffee Shop, (Opening times as above) is also a good place to come to find someone to listen.   There are always one or two of the team at the coffee shop.

  Baptisms (also called Christenings). We offer the sacrament of baptism to families for babies, children or adults.   This will involve a visit to the family by two of our team, and a preparation session/ rehearsal where you would meet the Vicar, and can learn more about baptism and belonging to the family of the church.   You can also find out about other activities for children at St. Andrew's.   Contact the vicar on 01628 661994.





Child Contact Centre

A Child Contact Centre is a place where children of separated families can enjoy contact with one or both parents and sometimes other family members in a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment.

National Association of Child Contact Centres


            Why are we here?

    You and your partner have separated, and you no longer want to see each other.

    Centres are safe, neutral places where the children of broken partnerships can spend time with the parent with whom they do not live.


            What will you find here?

        Facilities are designed to provide a relaxed, happy atmosphere:-

    Separate entrances mean that former partners need not meet each other.   Please let us know in advance if this is your wish.

    A Co-ordinator who manages the Centre, and is always in attendance.   The contact number for the Co-ordinator is given under "Phone numbers" below.

    A staff of trained volunteers to help children keep in touch with both parents.

    A spacious play area with toys and games for all ages.

    A separate room where the residential parent can wait.

    The Centre can be used as a handover point, if agreed in writing.

    Light refreshments are available.

    There is no charge.


            What will happen?

        You will receive information (possibly from your solicitor) on contact times and durations.

    When you arrive at the Centre for a contact, look for notices saying "Parent meeting children" or "Parent bringing children" to find your correct entrance.   You will see a desk at the entrance, where your name and time of arrival will be recorded.   The time of your departure is also recorded.

    The parent meeting children will be shown into the contact room to await the arrival of the children who will be brought in by a volunteer.

    The parent bringing children will be in a separate waiting area if he/she wishes to remain at the Centre.   If he/she wishes to leave for a short time a telephone number must be left with the Co-ordinator.

    The children must never be left at the Centre without one parent in attendance.

    Be sure to telephone the Co-ordinator if you are going to be late, or unable to attend.


            What are the rules?

        A few basic rules are needed to help everyone feel relaxed, confident and secure.

    Parents remain responsible for the safety and the supervision of the children whilst at the Centre.

    Children must not be left at the Centre without a parent in attendance.

    Children cannot be taken from the Centre without written consent from the resident parent.

    As this is a special time for the children to spend with the non-resident parent, we suggest that initially, only parents attend.   Others may attend at a later date if all parties agree in writing.

    No alcohol or drugs are allowed in the Centre. Entry can be refused at the discretion of staff.

    Smoking is not allowed on these premises.

    Please respect the Church property.


Phone numbers

Administrator: 07749 143 973

Co-ordinator: 07742 948 098

(from 4pm. on the day before contact till 3pm. on the day of contact)

Contact Centre Address

Slough Child Contact Centre
St. Andrew's Church
Washington Drive
Slough SL1 5RE

Please do not send written
communications to this address.

Written communications

Please use the address below for anything you need
to send to the SCCC by post-

The Administrator
Slough Child Contact Centre
c/o The United Reformed Church
West Street

Or you may email the SCCC on:-

Opening times

We are open on the
first and third Saturday
of each month,
from 1pm. to 3pm.



Established and supported by Soroptimist International of Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead.




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